UFRAM Norte visits the National museum of Anthropology

The FCE group of our secondary were wondering if the English lessons were only designed to talk about English culture, and the answer was bold, no, they aren’t.

And that is why we decided to pay a visit to one of our magnificent colossus in matters of museums, The National Museum of Anthropology, were the students were given the task of studying the different cultures and societies that once inhabited the central high plane of our country.

With the brilliant bilingual guidance of Josue Clemente Marroquin, who is a professional guide and expert on the Mexican cultures, we started our walkthrough at the beautiful fountain that guards the entrance to the museum. All the explanations were given in English and the students showed themselves very interested and what is more, very participative at every moment of the tour.

They received a booklet that allowed them to understand a little bit better the explanation of our guide, and included many exercises, reading comprehension, puzzles and more. They learnt about deities, murals, constructions, pyramids, social and economical systems, etc.

A lot of handcrafts were seen through the different rooms of the museum, the Atlantes, the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl and the Aztec calendar were some of the most interesting displays that attracted the attention of the UFRAM crowd, and it of all the schools that paraded along the place.

The students wrapped up their day by observing a show of “Los voladores de Papantla” outside of the museum, and in the end they answered their own question; we actually can study our own culture and practise our English lessons at the same time.

Lic. Efren Del Rivero Mtz.
English Co-ordinator